Anderson is an awesome fighter but yesterday he fought like an idiot. He was planning to do the whole clowning stuff for 25 minutes?

It is not bad to do that when you are that skilled and have such an awesome head movement, because it affects your opponent's mind big way. It was working, Weidman was doubting what to do and Anderson was landing some jabs. But you can not do that all the time, sooner or later you will get caugh and this is what happened.

You have to take all your opponents seriously. And Weidman was a legit contender. Not everybody is Thales Leites or Forrest Griffin and you will not be able to clown everybody.
Anderson can beat Weidman if they fight again and if Anderson takes him seriously, but to me it looks like Anderson does not want anymore to train so hard and be champion and have all that responsability again. He probably just want to have some few more fights just to have fun and then retire.