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Thread: BJ Penn vs. Mike Brown, @ 150lbs

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    Default BJ Penn vs. Mike Brown, @ 150lbs

    Who takes it?

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    Excellent! Well, can Penn make 150? Honestly, it's 5lbs and he's been up to 200+ before.

    It may not seem like much but I think it could affect him. Penn by decision in a 3 round fight.

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    Man, its really hard to not like Brown nowadays. I think cutting down to 150 might play a little bit into BJ, but overall I think the size of BJ would be too much for Brown to handle. BJ would have a height and reach advantage, not to mention his skillset is very impressive. Browns an absolute beast, but I think BJ might be a little bit too much for him.

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    I'd say BJ if he has his right mindset....I voted Brown because I hate BJ.

    This BJ/Florian fight will tell everything....Not just if BJ wins or losses but it's the way he wins or losses that will tell all.
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