I think the reaction to this fight has been hilarious. I'd like to point out a few things:

1. Everyone seems to be forgetting Silva took some big shots once Weidman got him down early in the fight.
2. The only reason Silva got back to his feet was because Weidman went for a heel hook.
3. Silva has only clowned guys he knew he had FAR superior striking to: Griffin, Bonnar, Leites, & Maia. He didn't pull that shit against Belfort or Hendo. Coincidence? I think not.

Here's what actually happened:

Weidman took Silva down easily & pelted him with some harsh G&P. After escaping from the submission, Anderson decided he'd be better off dropping his hands (which helped him better defend the takedown) & rely on his head movement. This tactic caused both Griffin & Bonnar to make huge mistakes in the past, & embarrassed Maia & Leites horribly. He was hoping it would do the same to Weidman.

Basically, Anderson would much rather play a risky stand-up game than try to defend takedowns for 20+ minutes like he did in the first Chael fight. Weidman also hits a hell of a lot harder than Chael when he's on top, so that served as added motivation to keep himself upright.

Anderson's clowning was a calculated risk. He respected Weidman's grappling & didn't think he could constantly defend takedowns or get back to his feet. He also knew he had little chance of pulling off a sub. The only option left was to keep the fight standing, & the easiest way to do that was to bait Weidman into exchanging.

Silva took a risk & got burned because he underestimated Weidman's stand-up. However, Weidman's skillset forced Silva into thinking that may have been his best option. If he didn't have to worry about the takedown as much there's no way he drops his hands and leaves himself open.

Anderson didn't give the fight away. He got beat. Weidman is legit & this fight was not a fluke.