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Thread: Coming to terms with the oddness of Silva vs. Weidman

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    "Anderson Silva wasn't trying, he was messing around"

    Anderson was trying to bait Weidman into a reckless striking match. He was dropping his hands and clowning around out of range. He did this because he knew Weidman could take him down and Anderson had no answer to that.

    Anderson did everything he could to bring Chris into his biggest strength and get the KO. Anderson brought his A game along with the best strategy he could think of to get Chris to trade punches with him and it actually worked. There was probably around 6 minutes of pure standup in their short fight. Too bad it got him KTFO'd.

    I want the rematch. Lets start a poll to see what the next round of excuses will be when this over rated clown gets his shit handed to him again.
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