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Thread: Coming to terms with the oddness of Silva vs. Weidman

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    As great a fighter as Silva is, I cannot stand a fighter who shows disrespect to his opponents, especially in the Octagon. When is the 1st time we saw showboating from Anderson........was it maybe against Leites? It annoyed me back then, and continued to become more annoying as he adopted that from then on. I couldn't wait for a guy like Weidman to come along and put Silva in his place. He needed that immensely.

    What Silva does from here on out is up to him. He can take this as a learning experience, and get back to fighting seriously. If this is the case, Silva should win the rematch. He's been talking a lot about fighting Jones Jr, and may just really focus on going in that direction, leaving MMA behind him. I sure hope it's the former, because if he decides to get serious again, I think he can be right back in that position of dominance he has held for so long now, and hold it until he decides to retire.

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    I see Silva pushing for the Jones Jr. fight than a rematch with the champ. Before I could see DW not allowing the fight to happen. Thus cause Anderson to putting less and less into his matches

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