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Thread: Anderson Silva Pulls Back on Declining Rematch, Wants Time to Ponder Future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost_Dog View Post
    It was probably the biggest upset in mma history for casual fans
    Very casual fans maybe, but Serra vs GSP is probably the biggest upset in the sport. There's been a couple mainstream sports article talking about how Weidman was simply a bad matchup for Silva and stuff like that while suspect in value does ebb it's way into the broader public, therefore casual, consciousness.

    I don't think Weidman being a bad matchup for Silva was the issue. Silva showed both great speed and reflexes, his antics were the chief problem making any solid evaluation for how the fighters match up difficult to analyze.

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    (Ignoring the fact that know it was in the contract) I don't think Silva should get an immediate rematch. It is not like it was a close decision.

    You don't give the gifted kid a rewrite just because he didn't study or goofed off during the exam.

    Silva should have to fight a contender first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VimyRidge View Post
    Silva should have to fight a contender first.
    hadn't really considered that, even though it's what should happen.

    I was thinking Anderson's next fight would be a rematch with the winner of Weidman/Belfort...but I could easily see him utterly wrecking Bisping for a nice payday in the meantime. It's a good money fight he wanted, it's an easy win for him...I can entirely see the attraction there. And it gives time for Weidman to either beat Belfort and get more famous, or to lose to Belfort, who is a much, much easier bout for Anderson.

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    I think the thing the everyone is forgetting is that Weidman wants the rematch. I doubt he is happy he won while Anderson was playing around. He wants Anderson to put a little more effort into the fight so he can prove he is the champ. It would be a damn good fight....and I honestly don't know which way it would go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stpierrecanada View Post
    I have no idea what he'll do.. Hopefully he fights winner of Chael/Shogun.. It would be nice to get some revenge.
    Revenge on who?
    He already defeated Sonnen 2 times. And as far as I know, he has no beef with Shogun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    Ed Soares on Anderson Silva’s First UFC Loss

    The loss does not change what I think of Anderson either. Still love the guy.

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