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Thread: Michael Bisping calls out new MW champ Chris Weidman

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    Bisping loses to Kennedy, Rockhold, Weidman, Anderson, Munoz, Jacare and Okami.. Come on Bisping really? hahahaha
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    Bisping is in no position to call out the champ. He was going on and on about how he wanted to test himself against Anderson. Well bisping, nows your chance. Win win for Dana too.

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    If Anderson does not take the Weidman rematch, and no super fight eventuates, I reckon Silva will fight Bisping in Manchester.

    Oh, and lol at Bisping saying “So you’re the champ. Defend it, fight me!”

    Fixed that for you brah: “So you’re midcard, but think you can headline. Prove it, beat me!”

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    Good thing he doesn't have a fight coming up because he would fail the drug test for sure. He's fucking HIGH if he thinks he deserves a title shot! I like the idea of Le or Silva vs Bisping. They have both called him out at one point or another...

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