The Fight Of The Century Venue Madison Square Garden, New York, 8th March, 1971. A young hungry undefeated fighter Named "Smoking" Joe Frazier took on the seemingly Invincible Mohammad Ali. It was back and forth for many rounds but Frazier seemed to be getting stronger. In Round 15 he shocked the world with a big LEFT HOOK. Had that been an MMA Match he probably would have finished Ali.

Now fast forward to July 6th 2013, A young undefeated fighter named Chris "The All American" Weidman took on the seemingly invincible UFC middleweight champion Anderson "The Spider" Silva, amazingly no one had made comparisons to the 1971 boxing match perhaps until now. Because who would have imagined Chis Weidman catching Anderson Silva with a Left Hook and ending the fight in brutal fashion? Now I'll be the first to admit, I didn't think Anderson Would lose to this young Kid. I honestly thought he was made to order for Anderson and he would put on another amazing show. Unfortunately maybe Anderson thought the same thing. In any event we saw history repeat itself in almost spooky fashion. A big Left Hook once again shocked the world some 42 years or so later....But what happens now?

Well we could see a rematch, and perhaps see a more focused and determined Silva destroy Wiedman, kinda like Ali did in the rematch. Or maybe Anderson retires and we see him fight someone else. But the biggest new problem a man who is in Weidman's position faces is how does he beat Anderson Silvas Legend? As Middleweight champion Anderson Silva had become a mythical figure deposing and embarrassing really good world class fighters and making it look easy. Does Weidman have the same talent? Can he dodge punches and befuddle his opponents? Can he pull out miracle subs? Can he dominate every challenger in his path on his way to his own legacy?

Establishing his legacy Wiedman believes he has to do to truly break a curse that many fighters in Boxing and MMA seemed to have when they beat Legends. You can go down the list of fighters like Buster Douglas, Evander Holyfield, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, Vernon Forrest, Matt Seirra, and lets not forget Ryo Chonan (I thought of him when Wiedman went for the heel hook, looks like Anderson learned how to defend that move in his sleep after that loss). Men like Silva cast a very long shadow over their conquerors, sometimes overshadowing their entire careers leaving that victory their one "claim to fame". I think Wiedman is very aware of this curse and will do the best he can with what he has, but will it be enough?

Will Wiedman's career change the sport the same way Anderson Silva's career had? Probably not, I mean lets be honest Silva is a fighter like no other who did things you were not supposed to be able to do in the cage. His absolute control and dominance flavored by his cockiness made him the 2nd G.O.A.T of the MMA world, but the only one who drew comparisons to Ali maybe mixed with a bit of Bruce Lee. Is it fair to expect Chris Wiedman to live up to that kind of a legend? Probably not, but that's the burden of defeating a Legend and I don't think Chris thinks that's such a bad deal. At least not right now anyway......

Anyway congrats to Chris Wiedman, I hate that he beat one of my favorite fighters, but he worked hard and earned his victory. I was wrong about the kid and give him his props and respect!!!

Buuuuuut I will be rooting for him to suffer the same kind of brutal loss, call it petty, but when you destroy one of my favorite fighters that's just how I feel. One good thing about his victory is the possibility of Cung Le fighting for the title and winning, call it a pipe dream.... But I think this new champ gives a lot of guys a good opportunity to win the title.