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Then to top it off after losing in such embarassing fashion he doesn't want a rematch at least?
he's already backpedaled on that. he's taking a couple months off and will revisit the concept. Feel free to read that as determining he gets x amount of money to lose to RJJ if he's champion, or y amount of money to lose to RJJ if he regains the belt.

I'm betting Anderson's next fight is a rematch. Whether it's with Chris Weidman or not is up in the air.

He'd be smart to take enough time to let Weidman face Belfort, it would be a win/win. If Belfort wins, it's still a good fight, and one that plays into Anderson's typical reach advantage. He regains the belt and then walks away from it for superfights and RJJ. If Weidman wins, it's a HUGE bout, in that Chris gains even more credibility as the guy who dethroned a legend and then beat up a deadly juice-monster [at least, in the way the public misinterprets things] and it's more money for his PPV cut. If he manages to beat Weidman in the rematch, it's the same thing: walk away from the belt for superfights and RJJ. If he loses, he'll at least go out fighting and not getting humiliated for clowning.