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Falcao is a piece of shit.

And for the record, if some guy came up behind my girl like that and then swatted his hand at her, let alone lay one on her, I would hit him with a 2x4 if I had one, too. Fuck guys like that who think they're badass and can do whatever they want. It's Falcao's fault his training partner is in critical condition. Falcao started it by fucking with those women in a way that should get you slapped in the face.

Hope his friend makes it out alright.
Are you fucking serious? you would beat a guy with a 2x4 if he talked to your gf,and when she said whatever was said,he swatted her away. That's how you handle things, not just stand up for your gf, and if it was serious just have a normal fight,but you would pick up a weapon and beat the man into critical condition. Seek help.