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Thread: UFC 162: Chris Leben Gets TUE for Opiod Suboxone

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    Default UFC 162: Chris Leben Gets TUE for Opiod Suboxone

    UFC 162: Chris Leben Gets TUE for Opiod Suboxone

    The Nevada State Athletic Commission granted UFC Middleweight Chris Leben a therapeutic use exemption for a prescription opioid medication for his UFC 162 bout with Andrew Craig.

    Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer confirmed today that the NSAC granted a therapeutic use exemption for Suboxone to Chris Leben for his UFC 162 bout against Andrew Craig. The UFC Middleweight has previously served a year's suspension after testing positive for oxycodone and oxymorphone following UFC 138.

    Leben is the first fighter to receive a TUE for a painkiller substitute from the NSAC. Leben also served a suspension in 2008 for the anabolic steroid stanozolol in October 2008. Suboxone is a replacement therapy for people struggling with narcotics addiction. MMA Junkie was the first to report the news.

    Leben lost his UFC 162 bout to Andrew Craig by split decision. No other fighters on the card received TUE's.
    The following diatribe is a criticism of the NSAC, not Leben for taking Suboxone to stay sober: It's flipping crazy that you can get a TUE for Testosterone or Opiods but not medical marijuana, and even if you have a state-issued medical marijuana card.

    PS: Is it a low blow by SB Nation to use such a shitty picture of Leben? You're supposed to encourage and support sobriety, assholes.
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