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Ali and RJJ did not diminish boxing, in my opinion. His fights were exciting. Would have been boring if he knocked out some of his lesser opponents immediately.

The institution of martial arts has been irreversibly altered by MMA at this point -- that tradition is long gone. Not every fighter should have to assimilate to be what is deemed perfect. That starry-eyed view is dead. Most people want to see fighters not simply respectful martial artists. Each fighter is a different character. It would be boring as hell if all were like GSP. At some point, modesty becomes fakery.
I simply disagree.

You can be flashy and exciting without being a fucking jerk.

Some of rjj's antics did diminish the sport IMO. Ali's antics are often overlooked by revisionists who are enamored with the fabricated image created for him by the civil rights movement.

I'm not saying everyone needs to be vanilla. I'm saying respect for your opponent is what separates sport from barbarism.