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Thread: Report: Silva wants rematch Super Bowl weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    Barring some kind of craziness in other fights, I don't see how that could move him anything below #2 (with Weidman #1). It's still just a loss to the same guy.

    That said, I do think if he loses twice that he'll retire.
    I was more thinking along the lines of having lost to the current champ in his division twice (if he was to lose the rematch). Anderson would find himself in the position of Rich Franklin at MW with Andy as the champ or Kos at WW with GSP the champ and so on... Just an interesting thought.
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    According to sources very close to the former UFC middleweight champion, Silva changed his tune about not fighting Weidman again just hours after he was knocked out by Weidman at UFC 162 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The sources said they have never seen Silva so motivated to fight someone, and that a little over 24 hours after the loss Silva was jokingly wishing the rematch could happen this week. That's how badly he wants to avenge his loss to Weidman.
    Meh, nothing really concrete until we either hear from Silva himself or the match is booked.

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    I don't see him losing a rematch. No way he comes out cocky again; he'll be in hunt & kill mode looking to end it as fast as possible. It'll probably be over in the first.

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