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It is not that they are bums who want to train as little as possible and in return want 5 million dollars per fight.
You're right, it's not that. I believe the problem is when these lower paid fighters, and even some mid card fighters see what GSP, Silva, Jones, Rashad, etc, they feel upset when compared to their salaries. They want that $100k/$100k kinda pay, but they want it right away. Seems like fighters dont want to be patient and earn their way up to that, and instead just want the higher paying contract to be their next contract.

Just to throw some figures out there:
Anderson Silva first fight against Leben was $18k/$18k. His 2nd fight pushed up to $25k/$25 when he beat Franklin for the title. His last fight was $600k to show and $200k win bonus.

Jon Jones in his 2nd fight was making $7k/$7k. HIs fight against Sonnen made him $400k.

GSP in his first fight made $3k/$3k. NOw he makes $400k show money.

These guys earned it. They kept training, improving their skills, and winning. They became champs, rightfully so with their hard work and dedication.

Any of these undercard fighters have a chance to make that kinda money. Frankie Edgar, Cain, JDS, Jones all started on the undercard. Nobody knew who they were until they started putting winning streaks together. For that, they got those big money contracts.