I find it quite hard to consider a guy who is getting repeatedly busted in the face entitled.

What I would say is that little pricks that sit in front of keyboards and throw stones at guys of whom they know jack squat to be entitled. (Please don't take that as a shot at you guys personally, I know this is a forum where people go to express opinions and what not)

If it was as simple as just showing up at weigh-ins and fight night, I would agree that 12/12 would be a solid wage for low end UFC guys. However, it's not that simple and everyone here knows it.

The UFC limits your opportunities for sponsorship. They retain exclusive rights to your likeness for video game and marketing purposes. They have the authority to arbitrarily discontinue fighter contracts without warning. They require media appearances, conference calls, etc. They hold you to their code of conduct when you AREN'T fighting. ETC. ETC. ETC.

I won't get into my opinions about all this crap because everyone knows where I stand on the matter and Chuck's response was, at minimum, to be expected as he's played company man for YEARS.