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Thread: Chuck Liddell defends UFC fighter pay, tells critics ‘you picked the wrong profession

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    Keep in mind that is for a year as well. 10 games in a CFL season? Not counting pre-season or playoffs. Assuming my number of games in the season is correct, that works out to 4500 a game. You can be damned sure too that no CFL player gets a 60k bonus for "play of the night"

    Also, back when I used to talk to a few of the local CFL'ers, the trainers were volunteers from the sports medicine program at the local university, the practice facilities were the stadium they played at, or when that was in use, the high school field attached to it, and the players more often then not worked out at a local gym. A few of the guys used to come in to the gym I worked at. Now, they may have had their memberships to the gym comped(the owner was a pretty cool guy, and liked having them in there), but by no means was it supplied by the team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by travtera View Post
    As a comparable, the minimum salary in the Canadian Football League is $45,000 (before bonuses) a season. Players are also supplied coaches, trainers and practice facilities by their team, not at their expense.

    If the UFC doesn't think there's a problem with fighter pay, than fine. But when you fail to match the CFL in base pay, it pretty much negates the ability to compare yourself to the other big leagues.

    If the UFC wants to attract top athletes they need to have more competitive pay. Guys need to be able to cover their training expenses and have enough left over to live a reasonably comfortable life. IMO that's not too much to ask.

    Keeping in mind of course that all those players in the CFL are not exactly reaping in sponsorship fees while playing. The UFC does give these guys a venue to make a alot of extra cash on the side.

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