@Viacom? Really? He can't be thinking of going to Bellator. Does he really want to burn his bridge with UFC? I could see him becoming the first person ever to be taken out of the Hall of Fame.

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I like seeing Tito fight because it's amazing to see how delusional Tito can be pre-fight, and then how many excuses he can muster up post-fight.
He's just one of those guys that you love to root against

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he has all ready had two bad come back why a third
He's probably running out of money. Must have realized that he's not cut out to be a manager

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Tito is a beaten dead horse at this point.

Might be able to get past a single round in the Bellator tourney or have a successful losing streak in the UFC.
I'd be surprised if UFC would book another fight for him at this point. As for Bellator, if he did sign with them, I could see them giving him an easy fight in the first round just so they could try to have a fight between him and King Mo or Rampage.