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Thread: Brian Stann retires

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    Default Brian Stann retires

    During a breaking news edition of “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani, UFC middleweight Brian Stann announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. Stann walks away from the sport at just 32-years-old. With his third child on the way and other career opportunities available, Stann thought it was the appropriate time to focus on being the best father and husband he can be by walking away from the sport he loves.

    Stann also noted that fear of medical issues was also a reason for his decision to walk away. With his focus turning towards his family, Stann says it wasn’t the best decision to continue putting his body under additional punishment and stress.

    “I absolutely feel like I can still go out there and compete at a high level,” Stann said. “However, at 32 it has gotten harder for me to stay healthy through training camps.”

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    Shocking news but kudos to him. He's smart and has plenty of opportunities in broadcasting now.

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    Sad to see him go. Was looking forward to seeing him on the next "Fight for the Troops" card. Brain Stann isn't stupid--he's not winning a title and could do better for himself building his brand outside of fighting. That's why he accepted the job to announce college football.

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    Yea once it was announced he as going to do pbp for the ACC, I figured this was coming. THough I am surprised he didn't get one last fight in. Good for him though. Thanks for the fights bud
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    Much respect to the man that is Brian Stann. Thank you for the fights and your service to this country.

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    Glad to see him going out on his terms with good career opportunties for him. Best of luck to him.
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    Very happy for him... he deserves all that is coming to him.

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    Semper Fi brother. BTW, I would to be a fly on the wall when his daughters boyfriends meet Stann for the first time knowing that he's a Marine Corps combat vet, WEC lhw champ and former UFC fighter.
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    Brian Stann is a true patriot and great role model. I hope he continues to be an ambassador for the sport. His fight against Wandy reminded me of Don Frye vs Takayama, both guys just throwing hands till one guy fell. there was a sequence when Wandy hurt him and you could see him grit his teeth, dig his toes in, and fire back. That's the image I will always have of Brian Stann a real fucking man!
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    Smart man. Left the fight game without taking too much damage in comparison to his peers and has himself set up for a career that extends beyond age 40 in sports broadcasting, where he will fit in perfectly with his poise and attitude.

    An MMA success story if you ask me.

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