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Thread: Josh Koscheck injured, out of UFC 163 fight with Demian Maia in Rio

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    Yeah, I used to be such a big Diaz fan but his last two fights have left me with a bad taste.

    Waiting and taunting for a 'stand n scrap' instead of making somthing happen was just blah..

    Maia v Kos was more interesting to me.

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    Diaz not stepping in to fight Maia

    Rumors that Nick Diaz will be stepping in for Josh Koscheck to face Demian Maia at UFC 163 are, sadly, just that.

    The weekend saw increasing speculation that recent welterweight title challenger Diaz would make his return to the UFC by stepping in for an injured Koscheck, who pulled out of the Maia fight last week.

    But the UFC has confirmed to Fighters Only that the UFC 163 card will be going ahead without Maia on it and that no replacement is being sought.

    Maia will be reallocated to another card.

    As for Diaz, his friend and sometime videographer ‘Layzie the Savage’ reports that “Nick has no interest in fighting Maia.”
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    Nicks knows it wouldn't be any where near the kind of fight he likes to be in

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    With Maia temporarily out of the picture, it seems to me the only contender left will be the winner of Ellenberger vs MacDonald. Normally I would put both those guys still one more win away, but Hendricks took out half the WW division on his way up.
    I suppose the Kampmann vs Condit winner could make a case.

    I really hated the way the media started pushing the GSP vs MacDonald situation long before it was an issue, as if they were just trying to create drama. If MacDonald wins against Ellenberger, it will become a legitimate question.

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