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Thread: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman II set for Dec. 28th in Las Vegas

  1. Default Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman II set for Dec. 28th in Las Vegas

    Just announced by Dana on ESPN with Rousy vs Tate II as the co main event. Thoughts?
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    There was an MMAFighting video where media members were suggesting Rousey/Tate was too big to be a comain. I don't think that's true, it's a rematch who's first fight wasn't very competitive and which wasn't earned IMO.

    I think that card needed a bigger fight and Silva/Weidman 2 certainly achieves that. I'm excited for it.

    Who do you guys have winning? I see it as a 50/50 tossup but will definitely put money on Weidman if he's the underdog as current lines suggest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyKnox View Post
    Thanks for the news, Sak.

    Very excited that we get to see the rematch later this year. Lets just hope they both make it without injury.

    WAR Weidman. I hope he finishes Anderson for a second time by submission.

    Hold on to that belt for as long as you can, Chris!

    Just going to throw this in here, too... NSFW I think.

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    Man Anderson's tone changed real fast and I'm glad. If he loses this time hopefully it won't be while he's trying to embarrass his opponent.

    This time around I think he'll come out more precise and aggressive without the taunting and reclaim the title.

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    No more clowning and showboating from silva. As much as I like weidman, silva will reclaim the belt by 1st round tko/ko. Hopefully no injuries.

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    Glad it's happening sooner than later. Anderson has used his show boating to get his opponents to over commit and pay for it. Not sure if the flick of Chris's right hand and the left hook was intentional or not, but it worked nicely.

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    We always describe Silva as a counter striker, which he's great at. But one can still counter while pushing the pace, like he did against Leben and others. I think we'll see that Silva show up in December.

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    I back.

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    I back. Then, the real fight happens on part 3. Feels like WWE show. Getting a bit ridiculous, Don Santos and now this = $. As soon as Snowden leaks fights being set up on purpose, UFC will lose a lot of credentials. Which will really suck. I was hoping Silva move to LHW, but Dana offered $ which couldn't be refused.

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    I have Silva knocking out Weidman before the 3rd round.
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