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Not everyone buys into it. Much like with Fedor following a bad strategy and jumping into Werdum's guard and getting submitted I also believe Silva beat himself.

I found nothing really impressive with Weidman's performance but I was definitely disturbed by Silva's. I find myself once again patiently waiting on the rematch so I can simply reply with a smile face.
Not that I'd expect you to give Weidman credit here... but watch what Weidman does differently then the rest of the guys who fought Silva instead of backing off after the first couple misses he continues to keep the pressure on and does back away in frustration (ie - what Bonnar is doing in your gif). Then he throws that flicking right that causes Anderson to move into the perfect position for the left which personally I think he set up intentionally.

Whether you give him credit or not don't matter cause he did something no one else has done and it's not like Anderson hasn't pulled this kind of stuff in matches before.