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Thread: B.J. Penn still has “no timetable” on possible comeback

  1. Default B.J. Penn still has “no timetable” on possible comeback

    It’s been more than a month since UFC icon B.J. Penn last updated fans on his future. Unfortunately, despite the amount of time that’s passed, “The Prodigy” doesn’t appear to have any new information to share other than to say he’s recently increased his training regiment though not necessarily based on any plants to enter the Octagon again in the immediate future.

    “I am training, I’m starting to train a bit more…maybe starting to run, just do different things, for my health. But I’m a fighter deep inside,” explained the torn Penn in an interview with Fuel TV. “If I felt it…if it ever comes back…I’m not saying it’s gone. You know how being a fighter is. Your mind changes from time to time.”
    Asked what factors he was considering in terms of a comeback, Penn simply stated the match-up needed to intrigue him and take place at 155 pounds.

    “It’s gotta be right for me. There’s no sense in me going into the Octagon and getting beat up in front of everybody. That just doesn’t make any sense,” said the fan-favorite, also adding he wouldn’t be rushing into any rumble unless he was 100% committed. “No timetable. If everything comes together and in my head I feel good about coming back I would, but I don’t know what kind of timetable I can put on that.”
    Penn, a former champion in two divisions, was 5-0 at lightweight during his most recent run as a 155er before losing back-to-back bouts (and his title) to Frankie Edgar. He has since gone 1-2-1 with the lone victory coming against former rival Matt Hughes.
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    To be honest I do not think that he will ever be truly motivated to fight again.
    He had his time, he will be known as one of the greatest LWs in MMA history, as someone with amazing talent but also as someone who at times was pretty lazy for a Top fighter.

    I do not think that one magic day he will have the fire back, it just does not happen.
    Times change and the mind change. You can not force yourself to be very very motivated and to pretend that you still want this. (Crocop is a great example of this)
    Some things just must happen in a natural way, if you do not feel the desire anymore, there is nothing you can do about it.
    His time is over, and eventually it will happen to everybody.

    While he will be thinking if he still wants to do it, his opponent (who will probably be 10 years younger) will be pretty damn sure that he WANTS it and he will be training like a mad man, the result would be another embarrasment for BJ Penn.
    IMO he must retire.
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    Take your time, do what you gotta do, and drop down to 155 and get your belt back. War Baby Jay!
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    Maybe he should stay retired...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fe1 View Post
    Maybe he should stay retired...
    Exactly what I was going to post.

    I really enjoyed watching BJ Penn (when he was on) but I think he should call it a day. He has no business in welterweight and in lightweight, although he looked pretty bad ass for a bit, he doesn't seem to have that fire in him anymore.

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