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Thread: Jones has 'no wishes to fight Dan Henderson'

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    Default Jones has 'no wishes to fight Dan Henderson'

    Jon Jones is next set to defend his UFC lightheavyweight title against Alexander Gustafson. Should he retain the title, there really is no clear cut number one contender. Last September Jones was scheduled to square off against Dan Henderson, but now has no real desire to fight Henderson:

    "I have no wishes to fight Dan Henderson," Jones told "Dan Henderson is a guy who, you know, he's done a lot for this sport already, he's a lot older. I think he's a guy a lot of people would expect me to beat anyways. So I have no big dreams of fighting Dan Henderson."

    Jones was pegged a massive favorite over Henderson prior to UFC 151, and since then he has only improved by gaining experience with title defenses against Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen.

    Up next on Jones' agenda is a title defense against top contender Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Sept. 21, 2013. "Bones" views Gustafsson as a major threat due to his physical size, skills and youth. Those are the type of challenges Jones is seeking -- not a match up with a 42-year-old who he feels is on the back end of his career.

    "[Henderson's] last fight with Rashad Evans you could really see him starting to slow down," Jones said. "So fighting him I don't think really proves much."
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    I love Dan... And totally agree with jones on this one.

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    No, that money train derailed after the Machida fight.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    If Jones is going to say he doesn't want to fight anyone that he would be expected to beat then he really isn't going to be fighting anyone... unless he takes on a couple heavyweights.
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    If you read between the lines of what Jones is saying, his actual quote should be along the lines of "Nobody wants to see me destroy a well past his prime Dan Henderson". The Hendo money train was really only running after he lobotomized Bisping and it didn't make as many stops as people had hoped for.
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    I absolutely love Hendo and as much as I don't want to see him get destroyed... I would love to see him get one last shot at glory and try to put Jones to sleep.
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    Jones has a busy year in front of him. he's got Goose, then hopefully Glover and if he gets passed that we all know the Machida rematch is on the books eventually. Hendo doesn't fit in there. Id like to see a Hendo Silva rematch at a catch weight if Silva doesnt get the strap back.

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    With no real like for Jones he only said he didn't want to fight Hendo he didn't say he wouldn't fight him. We have to remember they asked him the question. To me Hendo is relying on his H bomb and don't see him getting a chance to use it on Jones, but forever love when it did on

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKidInside View Post
    Watching Hendo fight now is quite sad, tbh
    That's bullshit. Why because he couldn't chase down Machida who ran away the whole fight? Because he rocked Rashad and lost a split decision?

    You act like he's gone in the cage and just got whooped on pathetically. Dan hasn't got "destroyed" by anyone ever so please people stop with that kind of talk too. I've said it before but there is just too much of "this guy will annihilate that guy" talk around here.
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