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Thread: War Machine and partner get new tattoos

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    MMA #1 Fan, yep, but it is a long annoying conversation where I usually have to make her think I'm way madder about something than I actually am.

    Step 1) get into huge fight
    Step 2) make her feel bad enough to be remorseful
    Step 3) Realize you want a BJ
    Step 4) use Jedi mind trick to turn remorse into a mouth full of sperm
    Step 5) take nap
    Big Hairy American Winning Machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0mega1 View Post
    "War Machine ?@WarMachine170 18h
    The other day @ChristyMack tricked me and when she gave me a kiss I got a mouth full of my own cum so I just stuck my gum up her butt! Lol!"

    WTF???? I'd seriously have to hold back from slapping the shit out of a bitch if she did that to me.
    I dated a girl who TRIED to do that to me once. I almost slapped the bitch just for trying.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Apparently 4chan is in the mix too: LOLZ! 4Chan is trolling War Machine and Christy Mack

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    An MMA fighter who did porn is now dating an up and coming porn star doing stupid shit together like tattooing each other's names which signifies that their relationship will last and tasting each other's cum etc etc etc...sounds about right. There is no way in hell I would tattoo a porn star's name on myself for any reason.
    I used to enjoy watching Avy Scott until she did a scene with this guy, and then I seen her again and remembered why I enjoyed watching her naked.
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    Those who do not appreciate life, do not deserve life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    Apparently 4chan is in the mix too: LOLZ! 4Chan is trolling War Machine and Christy Mack
    Wow, like him or not the things 4chan is doing are pretty uncalled for.

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    Coffee all over keyboard at work. GG.
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