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Thread: Jeremy Horn: Technique in MMA has gone downhill, mostly

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    Default Jeremy Horn: Technique in MMA has gone downhill, mostly

    positively as well.

    JB: What do you think of the current state of the sport of MMA and how it has evolved over the past twenty years? What issues are most important to you in the sport?

    JH: The sport today is quite a ways from where it was. The athletes are way better, but, honestly, I think the technique has gone downhill for the most part. There are, of course, exceptions, but for the most part, I think what we have today coming up are fighters who are well-conditioned, aggressive, and want to "bang." I hate that term. To me that sounds like, "I want to close my eyes and swing as hard as I can, and if he grabs me Iím going to hold on and wait for a standup." I love seeing guys who are skilled in whatever area they chose, but you have to go out there to finish fights. If you want to stand, fine, move forward and throw strikes. And when you get him hurt, go for it. You canít fight backing up all the time. If you want to grapple, fine, move forward and take him down, pass his guard, and submit him. I donít like seeing guys take someone down and then not try to pass or guys who say they want to stand but clearly have little to no footwork or defense.

    JB: What else do you enjoy outside of training and fighting, and who are the individuals who have supported you most in life?

    JH: Iím a big gamer. I have been called somewhat of gun-nut as well. I shoot quite often. Other than that things come and go but those are the main ones. As far as support goes it would have to be Jennifer Howe, my girlfriend. She has been by my side for a long time and has always supported me without question.

    JB: Last question, Jeremy, and thanks for taking the time to do this. What does it mean to you to be a fighter and how much do you enjoy it?

    JH: Thatís a hard one to answer because I donít know what itís like to not be a fighter. This is my life and always has been.
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    The man has one heck of a pile of fights under his belt, but I will say the newer technique is better over all than his more one dementional style. To be a winner in most sports you have to look at the rules and train yourself to capitalize on them. Not saying I like that but it works, as the rules are why the sport is what it is.

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    I think he's got a point in a way.

    This generation of fighters is so well-versed in all aspects that subtle nuances that make for perfect technique go by the wayside in the quest to be well-rounded and an all-around threat.

    I would liken it to football and the evolution of the quarterbacks. There are guys who use perfect form but they are evolving into guys who can run and hit the edges with far less focus on perfect pocket mechanics and more on pure physicality and well-roundedness.
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    I think he is right, when is the last time we saw a fight like Guida v. Griffin? And that was the same year we had Edgar v. Griffin, Penn v. Pulver 2 and a few other great fights. Now we get one or two really amazing techinal fights a year that make us go, holy shit. When in 2006-2008 there seemded like there was one or two every fight card.

    This is part of the reason I really cut back on my PPVs. Sorry but I do not think watching 2 C Level Kickboxers playing rock 'em sock 'em robots entertaining.
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    Cheers for rockem sockem robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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