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Thread: Magalhaes: If I lose this fight I deserve to be cut

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    Default Magalhaes: If I lose this fight I deserve to be cut

    "The biggest thing to prove to myself is that I belong with the elite fighters. I should be fighting the elite fighters, which means fighting in the UFC. I just want to fight in the UFC period I don't care if I'm fighting top-10, top-five opponents. If you're in the UFC, you're fighting top fighters and I just want to prove I belong in there. If I lose this fight I deserve to be cut. And I'll be pretty honest actually, the way I performed in my last fight I could be cut right now. They didn't have to give me this chance against Anthony Perosh. But the UFC gave me this chance and I want to prove I can be much better than I did last time. But I want to prove to myself that I can be in the UFC and that I belong there."
    And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus

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    I actually think that this is a fight where the loser will be cut.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Vinny better not worry about after this fight. He needs to worry about Perosh. Perosh is nobody's bitch and is a solid fighter. I know he got ko'd quick to Jimmo, but Vinny doesn't have that ko power. Perosh has not been subbed either. This should be a tough fight.

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    Agreed, Miz. Perosh is a very high level JJ black belt, maybe not as slick as Vinny but I believe enough to avoid subs and challenge. Vinny really needs to put his striking and cardio together. IMO, his cardio and conditioning are a big part of his inability to consistently put together combinations and could easily be the factor that loses him this fight.

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