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Thread: Aldo: I will beat the man

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    Default Aldo: I will beat the man

    Jose Aldo: Any fighter at this level is dangerous. You have to respect them all and train very hard. That is what we have been doing for this fight. Because of that, I think things will go well for this fight.

    Maybe people dont give (Jung) the credit he deserves. But the fact he reached this point and is fighting for the belt really means a lot. It means he has to be respected and because of that I will train hard to be ready for him.

    I do think he fights very wide open. He leaves a lot of opportunities to be struck, so if that is the way he really wants to fight, then that is the way I want to fight as well.

    I have to be ready to take the fight wherever it may go. Whether that's five rounds or a long fight, or even if it's a short fight. I have to be ready for anything that may come up.

    Of course I will beat the Korean Zombie. I will beat the man.

    TKZ: I'm sure I will defeat Jose Aldo.

    TKZ: Fighting against Aldo has been my dream. We are similiar in terms of striking. Many people think Aldo is superior to me in striking, but I don't think so. The biggest difference is Aldo's power in striking. My style is weakening my opponent little by little. Aldo does it with one big KO strike.

    I think he has a weakness on the ground. I will be pushing for it.

    I'm sure I will defeat Jose Aldo. It's been my goal from the beginning of my MMA career. I never give up before reaching a goal. But, it won't be easy.
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    I actually think that Aldo is going to destroy him.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    I actually think that Aldo is going to destroy him.
    This, although I wouldn't be upset at all of KZ proved me wrong and beat him.


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    I'd love for the Zombie to be the 1st Korean belt holder in the UFC, but after an injury and a long layoff I don't know if he's going to have what it takes to finish Aldo.
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    Bendo is 1/2Korean..

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    Aldo will be fine unless Anderson is preparing him

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwbrewer View Post
    Aldo will be fine unless Anderson is preparing him
    Or Sensei Segal

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    Wasn't Segals claims he gave that move to Anderson that KO'd Vitor and Machida KO over Randy they were both wins. Any how if Aldo uses that same kick I'm sure we will here from Segal again

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    Aldo should dust him. I'm on the "Aldo is the #1 P4P fighter" bandwagon that Rivet is driving.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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