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    Default Road to the Octagon

    This new one for the mighty mouse/camus card is pretty good. shot really well with a great soundtrack i thought.

    i noticed two things that maybe i'm reading too much into..

    1)when they talk about robbie's ufc come back fight against kos.. they never say kos' name. they say something like "former title contender". and they barely show him. is that just me?

    2)robbie at att? i was really shocked by that.. am i reading too in between the lines as to why he's not in the midwest training? are he and hughes no longer affiliate? did they have a falling out? what about the curran gym? just never saw that. seems like a weird fit.

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    Yeah, I didn't realize Robbie was training at ATT either. Pumped as I'm going to be there live, pretty sure they're going to need a stretcher for Bobby Voelker when Robbie is done. Too bad Saffiedine got injured and they pulled Meisha from the card, it was looking pretty damn sick but still should be fun. Macdonald vs. Ellenberger is worth the price of admission on its own.

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