Rio police hold suspected of killing Priscila Belfort

Intelligence agents of the Superintendent of Prisons (Sispen) held in Rio de Janeiro on Monday, 22, in Vila Isabel, northern Rio, Leonardo Luiz Batista, suspect in the kidnapping and murder of sister Fighter Vitor Belfort Priscila Belfort. Batista was Outlaw Institute Criminal Vicente Piragibe since Feb. 3. Priscila Belfort has been missing since January 2004. According to police, a gang of kidnappers have abducted and killed the young man, who was 29 at the time. Once you have burned the body of Priscilla, who was never located.
(I had to use google to translate the article.)

I know, I know... they should punish the guy by locking him in the cage with Vitor. I agree.