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Thread: Sylvester Stallone announces Ronda Rousey role in 'The Expendables 3'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    Well Rousey working in the Hunger Games does not assume that she'd be a lead role as it has already been established.

    After this TUF has aired, her PPV shares will have multiplied.
    Dana specifically mentioned her as the lead role.

    It's not just about the money. By getting into movies Rhonda not only expands her brand and increases her sponsorship opportunities and marketability but also she'll be sitting on a movie set with the legends of action film for a guaranteed payday instead of in a sweaty gym for the chance to maybe defend her title.
    Hating on Anderson Silva before it was the cool thing to do.

    The idea of a "true number one contender" is the stupidiest MMA idea to be perpetuated by fans and media, EVER.

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    Good for her.

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    I don't find Rousey particularly interesting. I think Carano would act--and fight--circles around her.
    But then again, I didn't find the expendables [or the A team] to be worth the time it took to watch them, so meh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. MMA View Post
    Jennifer Lawrence is making $10 million for the Hunger Games 2. With a $45,000 base + $45,000 win + some PPV shares + sponsors, Rousey still won't be anywhere near that mark. If he means her whole fighting career, then sure, but then again she could do a whole trilogy and make all that money.
    At this point in her career, I doubt Rousey is going to make more acting than she would fighting.

    She isn't close to making Jennifer Lawrence movie money, in the same way that Tecia Torres isn't close to making Ronda Rousey fight money.

    I think the biggest issue for me is taking away the focus fighters need to stay at the elite level. It was the kiss of death for an already-distracted rampage.

    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    I liken this to having "Superfights", as long as it doesn't hold up the title I have no problem with it.

    All manner of men came to work for the News: everything from wild young Turks who wanted to rip the world in half and start all over again -- to tired, beer-bellied old hacks who wanted nothing more than to live out their days in peace before a bunch of lunatics ripped the world in half.

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    Cool. I doubt she'll have a very big role though. Probably about as much screen time as Li or Norris in the second movie.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    Dana's got a point.
    True but she can get more fame which can lead to other opportunities. Once Hollywood swooped up Carano she hasn't looked back. Hell she had a major role in the latest Fast and the Furious. She got money and increased fame without having to get punched in the face.

    Rhonda has an opportunity to break down another barrier by being the only female in MMA to have a lead role in multiple block buster films.

    Rousey should do the movies imho.
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