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Schilt is someone who really knew how to use his huge size and reach, he was a very big kickboxer and obviously he had skills.
He also happened to have a decent submission game.

But to say that he is the greatest??? Hell no, not even close.
Exactly. The reason why he was so good in K-1 was because hardly anyone could reach to hit him properly. Technically he wasn't that good, he had some moves that worked for him and he used those to boredom and with great success. But his overall skills even as a kickboxer weren't that great. It's not that hard pepper people with shots when your reach advantage is massive. Just imagine the like of Mark Hunt, Mighty Mo and Ray Sefo fighting him... And especially the 1st fight with Ray Sefo was just endless clinching when ever Ray could actually get into range. In the 2nd he surprised Sefo with a shot from an angle that just wouldn't work for normal sized people.
He always seemed to struggle against other tall fighters, he even lost to Hong Man Choi. Aerts beat him twice just by pushing forward.

So yeah, certainly not the greatest of all time. Not even in kickboxing.