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Thread: Melvin Guillard: New Plateau or Same Ole Melvin?

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    Default Melvin Guillard: New Plateau or Same Ole Melvin?

    After seeing what Melvin Did to Danzing, do y'all believe he has started to fulfill his potential or is this just a one off? If he fought Donald Cerrone, Joe Lauzon, Jim Miller again would the results be the same? Call it wishful thinking on my part but I saw a totally different Melvin last night. He wasn't bouncing around trying to act like Silva Ali, he was very measured and controlled. He used his movement and defense to avoid damage, and did not jump in. He worked behind a power jab and set everything up. His style will always leave his chin exposed, but he did a better job protecting it. I think if he builds on this performance and improves, he could be a problem for any lightweight out there. Most people here think Melvin's biggest problem is Melvin. So if he'd solved that problem, what are his limits now?
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    After seeing what Melvin Did to Danzing, do y'all believe he has started to fulfill his potential or is this just a one off? If he fought Donald Cerrone, Joe Lauzon, Jim Miller again would the results be the same?
    No the results would not be the same. Each fight is different, but I understand what you are saying. I hope this is a new and improved Melvin that is here to stay. I like Melvin and he has a ton of upside. Maybe he is fully matured and has his head on straight now. He can definitely give any lightweight a run for their money. Hopefully he does it again. Either way he is exciting.

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    Agree melvin has been his own worst enemy. He showed good composure, but I think we need to see one more fight against stiffer comp. I hope he has done it as I like watching him fight when he's right.

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    Fight IQ has always been Melvin's problem.

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    Melvin has stuck to gameplans and composure before. When he fought Stephens, he was bouncing in and out but it was very disciplined and planned by Jackson.

    Something happens with Melvin when he gets a few wins and climbs up the ladder. Whether it's just the increase in competition, his inability to stay focused over a streak, or a combination he ends up looking great at the beginning of the streak and horrible by the end. I think this is the same Melvin that was fighting at Jackson's a few years back.
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    Anytime Melvin has moved up the competition ladder he's always faltered. While he looked good over Danzig in a fight hat heavily favoured him I think the results will always be the same when he moves up in competition. I don;t think he can train himself out of making the mental mistakes he does and he will always be vulnerable to guys with good counter punching that can put him on the mat.

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    Nah, he would lose to Top guys.
    Mac Danzig is not exactly a contender.
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    I dunno if we'll ever really see if Melvin has conquered his demons (his frequent changing of camps tells me no), but I'm a huge fan and I always wish him the best. It's good to see him get back in the win column and hopefully we will see a steady climb in competition for him so we can really gauge where he's at. One thing is for sure though, no matter what Melvin is a dangerous fight for ANYONE in the LW division.

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    This was pretty much on par with melvins normal skill set. I think Danzig level fighters are where Melvin can fin success. If he moves up the ranks a tiny bit, i think he will start to have trouble again.

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    Mac Danzig was an easy fight for him. Melvin will never see the top 10.

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