Polish mixed martial artist Jan Blachowicz is on a 14-1 run since 2008, the one loss coming due to a leg injury against Sokodjou, a loss he avenged in a rematch. Getting a chance to fight on the big American promotions seems to be a near certainty.

Blachowicz went to Facebook earlier today to explain that he was set to have a shot at the upcoming World Series of Fighting event, taking on UFC vet Anthony Johnson, but the promotion jerked him around, leading to a parting of ways:

I would like to explain the reason, why my Septemberís fight for the World Series of Fighting organization, wonít unfortunately happen. Initially I was offered the fight against renowned light heavyweight, a former UFC fighter Anthony Johnson, which I gladly accepted. However, weeks later the rumors that Johnson will face Mike Kyle in Atlantic City started to circulate and were later confirmed by WSOF.

I believe that rumors were a part of the pressure that World Series of Fighting executives had tried to put on me. Initially I was offered a one-fight deal to face Johnson, which I liked since my victory would have gotten me closer to my dream ‚ fighting for the UFC. However, after I had signed the papers, WSOF representative changed their mind and sent me a four-fight exclusive deal, which with all additional clauses would tie my with the promotion for the next three years and I couldnít agree to that.

On June 1st I began my preparations for the Septemberís fight, but now I feel cheated by WSOF both in financial and sporting terms. In order to face Anthony Johnson I called off my KSW 24 appearance and Iím left with no fight in September, which I obviously donít like. Now Iím focused on helping my teammate Daniel Omielańczuk in his training camp before his UFC debut.

I will prove that World Series of Fighting organization made a mistake. I know my worth and I will show in my KSW outings that I deserve a chance to test myself against the elite fighters of the sport. MMA is my life and I wonít give up my dreams. Follow my fights for KSW and hopefully youíll see me in the UFC soon.

Take care

Jan Błachowicz
This is only one side of the story. But I did reach out to Blachowicz on Twitter after he shot me a line asking me to look at his statement. I wanted to verify one thing he said, that WSOF gave him a contract, which he signed and returned, only to have them discard that contract and send him a different one that required more fights:

Brent Brookhouse @brentbrookhouse

@JanBlachowicz Are you claiming they gave you a contract, which you signed, and then they tried to make you sign a DIFFERENT contract?

Jan Blachowicz @JanBlachowicz

@brentbrookhouse and yes after a while they said the didn't like it and wanted me to sign a different one
3:38 PM - 29 Jul 2013