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It is not that I do not watch the Flyweights only because they are small, I do not watch them because I saw some of those fights before (including fights by Demetrious, Benavidez and McCall) and I was not impressed at all.
Obviously they are fast, but they spend a lot of time just jumping around, throwing a couple of powerless punches or kicks and then moving, and I got very bored watching that.

There is a huge difference between a 155 division and a 125.
I do not see the 125 division being a big draw in the near future, and it is not that they created this division yesterday, they created it over a year ago and so far it is a huge minority who likes this division.
Pfff, and to think that there have been talks about a 115 division, LOL

As for boxing, boxing is a dying sport, and Mayweather and Pacman are the biggest draws because there is no one in any other division that right now is a huge draw.
Even the Klitschkos are disliked by many people becase their style is not the most exciting to watch.

However in MMA you have plenty of draws in many divisions, so it will be extremely hard that people get interested in the 125 division.
Fair enough, we all have our own tastes. Although you'd be the first person I've heard of that not only didn't enjoy the first McCall/Johnson fight but wasn't "impressed at all". And in fairness to the division, Johnson/Dodson fight did a very solid rating on Fox with the show peaking with the main event.