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Thread: Mayhem Miller calls for end of UFC fan support; says 'Dana White has killed the sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post

    28–9 (1)

    Someone needs lithium.
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    I hate unified rules. I've been complaining about them for close to a decade. I hate that fighters get paid more for entertainment value than legitimate skill. I hate the decline of any sense of discipline in MMA. I hate that the UFC makes no effort to educate it's fanbase, and instead caters to the dumbest common denominator. I do not respect dana white, nor do I think he's a great business man.

    All that being said, if there was a place for Mayhem's particular brand of mediocrity in zuffa's stable, he wouldn't be complaining.

    It's unfortunate that any point he's trying to make that actually has validity is irreparably diluted in the mainstream perception by his epic, public, personal failures.

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