From my standpoint, this has huge potential to backfire on Vitor.

IMO, Vitor isn't getting any younger(36 now, 37 in April) and with Weidman/Silva being in December, that means Vitor will be hanging out on the sidelines for almost a year(which could have its drawbacks and possible benefits -like, giving him more time to play with his chemistry set) before he were to get a title shot-and that is also highly contingent on Weidman retaining, because I don't think there's a really big desire for Vitor/Anderson II if ZUFFA can instead squeeze Bisping into the contendership with a win over Munoz, which would probably do far better business than Vitor. Also keep in mind, that by the time Weidman/Silva II happens, the winner of Okami/Jacare will have arguably an equally hot hand as Vitor without the innuendo surrounding them.

That's two(Bisping & winner of Okami/Jacare) potential title contenders who will have been far more present stance in Dana's mind and there's a chance that the winner of Jacare/Okami takes another fight, possibly against Consta(who really deserves a top tier fight and will himself be coming off a major layoff), which would put the winner of that bout ahead of the line. Okami isn't a sexy title contender and is a hard sell and has already been handedly beaten by Anderson, so I think Bisping, a winning Jacare or a winning Consta will be making a very strong argument, all the while Vitor would be sitting out? That doesn't sound like a solid plan, especially with the primacy and recency mindframe of ZUFFA's title booking.

Now, I don't mind Vitor turning down the Kennedy fight per se, because while a gamer, Tim really hasn't had a great win since the Lawler and Manhoef bouts and really isn't sniffing top contendership at this stage of his career. If Vitor gets offered Consta(I'm of the mindframe that ZUFFA really wants to keep Vitor active and use his drawing power in Brazil) and turns it down, I think that'd look really bad, because that's a top contender on a streak and a win there, would solidify the winner as a MW challenger.

Endgame for me, I think Vitor would be silly to wait out Weidman/Silva II, risking alot as he very easily might get passed by(I'm thinking they hotshot Bisping into a title shot if he beats Munoz) and Vitor would probably do himself a huge favour by keeping busy with a fight against either Consta or winner of Okami/Jacare, maybe even a vanity fight of lesser-risk like Cung or Wand II, but think Vitor would be best suited to keep busy, keep the highlight reel finishes coming and keep in ZUFFA's A)good books and B)forefront of their matchmaking minds. Vitor's only a punk if he turns down a Consta fight or the winner of Jacare/Okami, otherwise, I think it is predominantly his best interest at stake.