The UFC recently signed undefeated German welterweight prospect Benjamin “The Hooligan” Brinsa. However, Brinsa has been repeatedly accused of having various ties to neo-Nazi groups,. While accusations on the Internet hardly constitute proof, they are numerous enough to merit further investigation.

If Brinsa does indeed have a neo-Nazi tinged past but has turned his life around, he should be given every opportunity to move forward. If the allegations are entirely false, Brinsa is owed abject apologies by many. If the beliefs and associatons remain, he would be a problematic figure to represent the sport in Germany, particularly as it remains to controversial there.

The allegations are various, including:
•Brinsa is or was a member of the Leipzig-based hooligan group Scenario LOK;
•Brinsa’s MMA team, La Familia, has connections to the local Neo-Nazi scene;
•Brinsa used to help run a mail-order service for Neo-Nazi rock music.