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Thread: Bellator welterweight champ Ben Askren has no fights left on his contract

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    I believe there are a few who pertain to Ben's comment beginning at 2:47.

    Kevo's response regarding Jon Jones' toe injury:
    Quote Originally Posted by Trodden View Post
    At what point did the injury occur?
    Quote Originally Posted by KevoOnTheRadio View Post
    The part where his big toe does a backflip

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    Man, I would love to see him fight Maia for the number one contender title shot.

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    i thought askren did a really great job lastnight. in the past i had said he was boring but his last two fights have been impressively dominant and entertaining. He absolutely controlled every bit of that fight. I still think hes a jackass but i am becoming more of a fan of his fights

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    Ben should probably wait out Bellator's time period of being able to match any offer before his camp even thinks about contacting Zuffa. Unless Zuffa plans on completely outpricing Bellator right from the beginning in guaranteed money they too would be wise to stay away for the duration.
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    I really want to see Askren in the UFC. I agree with Jack.

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    Askren: I'm the best wrestler in MMA

    "I'm a wrestler, I'm the best wrestler in MMA," said Askren after the fight. "Wrestling is, was and always has been the most dominant mixed martial art on the planet. That's all there is to it. We all know it, some people want to fight it, some people want to doubt it, but wrestlers rule the MMA world."

    "You're either the heel or the face right? For me it's really easy to be the heel. Just like some stupid people think WWE is real, some people think that the persona I play is real as well and it's easy enough to trick them. They love you or they hate you, but either way as long as they're not neutral about you, they'll turn your fight on. There's a lot of people that tuned into Spike tonight to see me get knocked out.

    "The likelihood of that happening was about one percent, but there was still that chance they could have seen that happen."

    When asked to compare a theoretical fight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre to the Koreshkov mauling, Askren said GSP would be a tougher, but only by a little.

    "I think it would be a little more difficult," replied Askren. "But something like it."

    While Askren would not confirm it with B/R, it appears the fight with Koreshkov was the final one on his current contract.

    "I guess the secret's out," Askren answered when asked. "We'll find out, not sure."
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    I'm not sure if he's the very best, but he is certainly the most smothering and controlling wrestler I've ever seen. He's also ALWAYS busy. Never settles for a position and always advances.

    I've never been a big fan of wrestling or wrestlers in MMA but his control was magnificent. It reminded me of the way Nick Diaz was using his volume punching to dominate and control guys in SF. Just pure dominance.
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    If he stays with BFC, I wanna see them bring in Brulio Estima, who has fought at WW before. That'd be a fun fight.

    I'm also not averse to seeing them bring in Aoki at WW for a fun fight on the PPV for Askren if they're looking to fill the card with names...

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    He's staying put.
    Its easier to be a Pihranna in a fish bowl.
    The UFC's 170Lbs division is a shark tank.

    Welcome to Sunnyvale.
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    He'll be staying put. I'm pretty sure Dana once said: "I'd rather watch paint dry than watch Ben Askren fight."
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