Machida has a history of getting screwed out of title shots. He was what, 14 and 0 before getting his first title shot, and had beaten 3 ranked fighters to get it--and yet he was discredited by people saying he ran away from engagements, or that Soko wasn't a good win, or whatever.

chael fucking sonnen got a title shot without ever fighting at 205 in his life. Anyone who is complaining about Lyoto while not burning effigies of dana white on sonnen's lawn has their head up their ass.

If Machida beats Davis, he'll have beaten more ranked fighters at LHW than Anderson beat at MW in the last 12 months. Anderson earns an automatic rematch because he was great 3 years ago, but Lyoto can't get any love in a shallow field...more because of his fighting style than his credentials.