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I don't know if they take it into account or not, but higher percentage landed should not matter. I don't care if the 10 times you swung you hit the guy 100% of the time. The guy that threw a 100 shots and landed 20 is doing more....period. As for round 2, Davis had more sig strikes (even if by one) more strikes total (even if by 4) and more takedowns (the only takedown in the round).
In an extreme situation like your example, the concept would obviously break down...but when you have the striking so close, the guy who is landing with a higher percentage is certainly more efficient...and when he'd wobbled Davis, he's obviously more effective. In the second round, I'd say they had fairly equal striking in terms of actual power shots, with Machida landing a higher percentage. In terms of grappling, I'd say going 1 for 4 with takedowns isn't effective, particularly since Davis didn't do anything with it.

But your welcome to your own perspective.