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I don't know who is the authority, but I default to BJM the most. The original piece--I think it was a transcription of an audio--where he went over the "back of the head/mohawk" bit had some stuff about percentages equating to effectiveness.

I think you have to play it case by case...I'm not asking for a blanket "higher percentage equates to more effective" policy or anything. I think in your example, you'd have to look at how the leg kicks impact the fight. If it takes away a fighters lead leg, makes them unable to shoot or to plant for hard strikes, those are great strikes. If they're just pitter patter shots, amid a lot of whiffs, they're not as big of a deal. I felt throughout this fight in particular, Machida was landing more often with bigger shots, when he wanted them, and was doing a great job of controlling the pace and the octagon. I'm not a mark for Lyoto--I felt his win over Henderson was a draw--but I feel he won a close fight pretty decisively against Davis.

That's funny, because Davis had more take downs than Henderson against Lyoto, and Lyoto took down Henderson...he didn't take down Davis.... And according to fight metric Davis had more significant strikes than Henderson. Machida in both fights, same number of Sig Strikes. Machida also had nearly the same number of total strikes in both fights also.... So how can he draw one where he did more and his opponent less. But then you say he clearly won the other. No, not a mark for Machida at all, just a Davis Hater maybe?!