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Anyone who has Jones higher than Aldo p4p has no clue what they're talking about.

Can you imagine the hype if Jones beat someone who was 6'6" with an 89" reach? Or if Anderson beat a legitimate, ranked MW who was 6"4" with an 81" reach? Or if Georges actually managed to finish a fight with a fighter 6'1 and an 80" reach? again, dana would be PRgasming all over the internets.

Aldo is my #1 p4p fighter.

Agree. It should be clear as night and day that Aldo is the #1 p4p fighter right now. I was starting to put him above Anderson already before Anderson lost. Aldo's overall skillset is just plain better than Anderson, GSP, Jones, Cain, etc. Unlike the others he doesn't have a glaring weakness. His striking offensively from boxing to kicks, and defensively from his head movement to weaving and ducking, his takedowns and takedown defense, and his ground and pound is some of the best in the game. Really his only weakness has been his cardio in the last couple of rounds and honestly the only time I've seen that exploited was against Hominick, a fight that he had his hardest weight cut coming off an injury. Against Florian and Frankie, two guys with amazing cardio, he still beat both of them in the 5th round.

Can't wait to see him eventually go to 155. He has the best shot from any of the champions to be a dual weight class champion.