Coach: Vitor Belfort Will 'Regret' Asking for Dan Henderson Rematch

Dan Henderson's BJJ coach says his student would gladly accept a rematch with Vitor Belfort, who said he'd like that fight if he can't face off with Chael Sonnen.

Vitor Belfort always seems to be in the center of MMA news. Whether it's about TRT, or driving UFC president Dana White crazy, The Phenom has a knack for keeping his name out there. The latest Belfort saga involves his next fight booking - he was asked to fight Tim Kennedy but turned him down, citing irrelevancy. Instead, his wife and manager Joana Prado said he'd only fight for a title at middleweight, but would take fights in other divisions. Her first choice? Chael Sonnen. Option two? Dan Henderson.

Henderson's BJJ coach Ricardo Feliciano spoke to Fighters Only and says that Hendo (who is currently on vacation) would gladly accept that fight if offered, and Belfort would regret the challenge:

"Vitor is at the top and Henderson is coming off two decision losses. A victory over him would build us up," he said.

"Hendo is already 205lbs, this is his normal weight. If this bout happens in November, it will be excellent if included in GSP’s card [UFC 167] in Las Vegas. I will pump him up. Vitor will regret it have asked for this rematch!"
This bout is far from being booked at the moment, and the word of a coach is hardly binding in the world of MMA. But personally, I think the bout could be interesting. It can't be any worse than their first matchup in Pride in 2006, that's for sure. And that just happened to be the bout where Belfort popped for elevated testosterone despite dropping a unanimous decision.
Most interesting that Dan's manager is proposing to have this fight on the UFC 167 card in Las Vegas.

-Hendo was denied a TUE in Winnipeg for his fight against Rashad.

-Hendo has previously been granted a TUE in the state of Nevada.

-Vitor would likely be denied a TUE in Nevada, and Hendo's manager knows this.

I just assumed that in the interest of fairness this fight should be held in Brazil and then neither guy would have to worry about any restrictions on their use of TRT. Silly me.