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Thread: Just an observation about Alistair Overeem

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    I think a loss to Browne spells the end of him as a top 20 fighter.

    I'm not a Mir fan by any means, but he's a much, much better fighter than AO. Even though I think they're both guilty of juicing at different points of their careers, Mir has far more heart than AO ever will. I believe AO turned to juice to compensate. I also don't think his striking is nearly as good as he gets credit for.

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    'Reem had been busy helping Anderson Silva gameplan for Chris Weidman. Now that he's taught him his technique, I'm sure we'll see him in the ring again soon.

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    I'm a big Overeem fan. I don't mind some trash-talking, like when AO fought Lesnar, it was mild, and Overeem was respectful afterwards. But he was too disrespectful to Silva before their fight IMO, I'm not totally upset that he got humbled.

    I'm still a fan of Overeem, hopefully he'll just focus on training, and realize his potential.
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    It is said that in most cases, people that are so outspoken and that apparently show a lot of self confidence and talk smack about others, are in reality insecure people. They talk shit and they try to believe what they actually say.
    So maybe, that loss humbled him big time.

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    Overroid was taught a lesson in humility and will not unveil his arrogance until he has another win under his belt. To me, he has seemed more confident than arrogant. When he is acting arrogant, it is always noticeable.

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