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Thread: Belfort: TRT makes it a fair match for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimerules28 View Post
    Even though theres multiple doctors and scientists that will tell you the end result is the exact same as steroids.. Good thing Steroid and TRT expert sniggles is here to set them all straight! Hell yeah!
    That is only if you are overdosing. The idea behind TRT is to bump a 100-200 ng/ml patient to normal territory (500-600).

    If the patient is dosed up to 1000+ that is where your idea of TRT being like steroids is. In that case, it is testosterone abuse not TRT.

    You seem to think Test Abuse is the same as TRT, which it is not.

    The fighters that are getting popped for elevated T levels are either abusing masked designer steroids or testosterone.

    Men that are 35+ being treated for low T are not given the obscene amounts that you consider to be the same as steroids.
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