Bob Sapp added another loss to his record, and it was a quick one -- again.

Sapp's most recent defeat -- his 12th in a row -- happened on Thursday in Fortaleza, Brazil, when he fought long-time MMA veteran Edson "Conterraneo" Franca. Sapp rushed into Franca as soon as the fight started, but "Conterraneo" immediately took him down, got to his back and started the punishment, forcing the 38-year-old Sapp to tap just 35 seconds into the fight with a rear-naked choke.

"Nobody scares me, I can destroy everyone," the Brazilian Franca said after his 18th win in 25 MMA fights. "Iím getting old. I guess itís time to get me in the UFC."

Sapp explained why he tapped so quickly. The was the fastest loss in his last five.

"I donít know if it was his punches or the way I felt on the ground, but this side of my head hurts a lot," Sapp told the local media after the fight, pointing to the left side of his face.

The once-respected Sapp hasn't won since March 2010.