"Sonnen may take him down twice, but he wonít be able to do that for five rounds," "Minotouro" told "He will need to stand at some point of the fight and Shogun will tag him. I believe Shogun will knock him out."

When the UFC announced Nogueira off of UFC 161 with an injury, Chael started to campaign to replace him. He got the fight, and Nogueira had to listen.

"I hear Brazilian chicken is off the menu," Sonnen tweeted in June. "American gangster is still available if you want to send your waitress over."

Rogerio fires back, but has no interest on facing "The American Gangster" inside the octagon.

"That fight doesnít interest me because I want to fight the best, and there are a lot of fighters that are better than him, including Shogun, Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans," he said. "Chael talks trash, heís pure marketing. If we keep talking about him, thatís what he wants. He fought three times for the world title and got beat up. He tried to make his name when Anderson was fighting him injured, and we all saw what happened in the second fight."

"Minotouro" eyes a potential return by the end of the year, and Ruaís name is in his head.

"I want to fight again this year, absolutely," said Nogueira. "(Shogun) is good fight, a good option for me. Iím a lot better now, back to boxing training already. I have trained jiu-jitsu last Saturday and it was a little painful, but I believe Iíll be ready to train hard in a month."