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Thread: Angel DeAnda 'I think I can beat Jon Jones; I think I can KO him, too'

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    Default Angel DeAnda 'I think I can beat Jon Jones; I think I can KO him, too'

    I recently sat down with my MMA Sentinel co-host, Iain Kidd in an interview with DeAnda where he discussed his dream of making it to the big show and fighting for Jones' belt. As a guy who once weighed 320 pounds, Angel is the kind of person that has the drive and ambition to realize his dreams. Will he make it all the way to UFC gold? Who knows. I will say one thing. I went into this interview not knowing much about this cat, and by the time it was wrapped, I felt like I had just spoken to the human version of The Little Engine That Could. Here's what he had to say:

    If, no, when I beat Tyrone Spong on the feet, then everybody is not going to be saying that I'm just some backyard brawler. I do come from the streets. I don't come from a tae kwon do gym or a karate gym. That said, it doesn't mean that I'm just a brawler. I've got technique and I've been training and refining that technique for five years. I'm great on my feet and on the ground. Everybody is going to see that I'm for real.

    If I could fight anyone, I would like to fight Jon Jones. I think I can beat him. I think I can knock him out, too. I'd like to fight him or whoever is considered the best in the world that's at a reachable weight class that I can get to. I don't want to fight in a division that would be easily taken over. I want to compete and push myself. I want to fight the best.

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    If he can beat Spong standing that would be just incredible. Spong is one hell of a kickboxer and 5 years of training is not going to be enough to best him. I can't imagine too many fighters being able to beat let alone best Spong on the feet. Barry vs Spong would be fun to watch
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    This little dude is confident as hell, which is good. But sorry there's no way he can outstrike Spong imo, Spong is a fucking beast.

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    Well Spong clearly beat him and Jones would kill him in a minute.
    But I admit that he landed some good shots considering that he has been training for only 5 years and he was fighting one of the best kickboxers in the planet.
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    LOL talk talk talk.. Should have just took Spong down if he's a real good martial artist after he realized he couldn't win the stand-up exchanges.. Spong is an incredible K-1 fighter but not a great MMA fighter yet and trying to stand with him in an MMA fight is pure stupidity in my mind, especially for 3 rounds getting battered.
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    Oh hell yeah, DeAnda can 100% most definitely beat Jon Jones, without a a pie eating contest.

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