Bellator fighter War Machine tweets about 'raping' girlfriend Christy Mack
By Zane Simon  @TheZaneSimon on Aug 10 2013, 5:59p

Current Bellator fighter War Machine has once again displayed his own special brand of ignorance in a set of tweets about raping his current girlfriend Christy Mack.

Alright, I'll say this, I get what War Machine is doing here. He's using language casually, trying to be controversial and show that he doesn't play by the rules of modern society. But there's a point where attention grabbing slips from the desperate to the unconditionally terrible and this comes pretty close to crossing that line. War Machine posted a couple of tweets today about raping his girlfriend Christy Mack, because she wanted do get errands done (presumably before having sex). He defended his sentiments by saying that "Real men rape their wives and girlfriends."

Real men rape. ( Their GF's and wives, not strangers, don't get your panties in a bunch.) ó War Machine (@WarMachine170) August 10, 2013
Get it? He's a dominant man, so when he wants sex from a lover he takes it! He rapes her, because that's what a real man does...

Bellator has slowly been cutting ties with it's problem children of late, first releasing Brett Rogers, and then Maiquel Falcao and Paul Daley. Maybe it's time to cut all the dead weight and leave War Machine to go be a real man on the regional circuit.

UPDATE by Tim Burke: War Machine has now deleted the "real men rape" tweet, and added two more to explain that it was taken out of context:

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney issues statement on War Machine's 'real men rape' tweet
By Brent Brookhouse  @brentbrookhouse on Aug 11 2013, 12:08a

Bellator's CEO issues a statement following War Machine's tweets joking about "raping" his girlfriend and stating that "real men rape."

Earlier tonight War Machine tweeted out jokes about "raping" his girlfriend and then a follow up claiming that "real men rape." Bloody Elbow reached out to Bellator for a statement on the situation in the moments following those tweets.

Bellator released the following statement from CEO Bjorn Rebney moments ago:

I agree with those who found Jonís earlier statement to be offensive and inappropriate. And, while his public apology ("I tweeted something earlier that was stupid, insensitive and wrong. Rape is never something to joke about ever. I sincerely apologize") surely does not excuse his statement, it does evidence his recognition of the seriousness of the situation and his realization that what he said was offensive, ignorant and hurtful. Since the day I entered this business, Iíve believed that my job was to treat our fighters like human beings and not like property. Human beings make mistakes and sometimes say stupid things.

Iím surely prepared to take action in warranted situations as evidenced by recent promotional contracts we have terminated with well-known, popular fighters who have committed assault and/or who have broken the law. But, in this situation, I remain hopeful that Jon will learn from his mistake, redeem himself and become a better man for it and I would like to give him that chance.
So it sounds like no action will be taken from this point.
Follow the links for the entire articles. Didn't see this posted here yet, jeeeeez he technically is a Viacom employee.....