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Thread: Aldo supports TRT, accuses Couture of using PEDs

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    Aldo is talking out of his ass. If there's anywhere in the world that needs more regulation it's Brazil
    Hating on Anderson Silva before it was the cool thing to do.

    The idea of a "true number one contender" is the stupidiest MMA idea to be perpetuated by fans and media, EVER.

    HATES the new MMANEWS forum. Bring back the dark background.

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    Everyone on this forum is high and drunk. Except me.

    Ahhh, fuck it. I just bought a fifth of rye to get me through four nights away from home lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masscore View Post
    Well you have to remember Randy only started fighting at 34. So he only fought for 14 years and over that time fought only 30 fights so he averaged just a little more then 2 fights a year. So he never had that much wear and tear like Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk or Wandy Silva. So it is no shock that he could fight that long because he didn't fight that often and stayed in great shape all year around.
    That's true, from an MMA stand point. But Randy has been wrestling his whole life (and at the highest level in his later years) and served in the military. That's a lot of wear and tear even prior to deciding to do MMA. So the TRT definitely had a role in how long he was able to stretch out his career.

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